Amir Hariri’s sculptural practice attempts to expand upon the contemporary tradition of making and un-making and to expose the blurred line between evolution and decay. Looking to architecture under duress as inspiration, Hariri incorporates materials typically found in construction sites, such as clay, concrete, plaster, sand, and wood, to create work that is in a state of “in-betweenness.”

As a resident at MAD, Hariri will conduct a study of the Hudson Yards development area to the west of the Museum. From that study, Hariri will realize a deconstructed sculpture that attempts to understand this approach to urban renewal. The Museum’s extensive permanent collection and the MAD building itself, with its rich architectural history, will enhance this design approach.

Hariri earned a Master of Engineering from Cornell University and a BS in Architectural Engineering from the University of California, San Diego. For more information, please visit: www.amirrhariri.com.

Current Studio Artists

Monika Zarzeczna , Mixed-Media Sculpture and Installation, Tuesday

Lily Moebes, Textiles, Wednesday

Elodie Blanchard, Textiles, Thursday

Jesse Harrod, Mixed-Media Sculpture, Friday

Damien Davis, Mixed-Media Sculpture, Saturday

Victoria Manganiello, Textile Installation, Sunday

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