MAD will be open on Mon, May 6.

Amal Khan

2016 Artist In Residence

Amal Khan is a multidisciplinary artist from Saudi Arabia. She utilizes multiple image-making processes, video, and sculpture to explore gender and identity politics, and to critique the idea of power and privilege in a male-dominant country. Her work explores the notion of how symbols and stereotypes within a system can be redefined through the application of certain actions, performance, and imaginative play.

At MAD, Khan will explore the kaffiyeh, a traditional Middle Eastern male headdress, as an object to question what it means to abstract, appropriate, and reuse such a heavily loaded symbol. She will use many different processes to treat the cloth, including the removal of the individual red threads that make up its pattern and using that as new material.

Khan received an MFA in Fine Arts at Parsons School of Design and a BFA in Studio Art at San Francisco State University. She has exhibited nationally and lives and works in Brooklyn. For more information please visit

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