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Alexandru Ucineviciu

2010 Artist In Residence


Artist Bio

A born sculptor who started his career by carving wood and stone, Alexandru Usineviciu has assimilated modern disjuctiveness and traditional symbols in a coherent vision that confers nobleness to the simplest of materials. Reminiscent of the Constructivist graphic contours, these delicate sculptures bear a monumentality hardly to be imagined for such dainty wire structures. With extreme economy of means, Alexandru has found one of the most outspoken forms of originality using a new technique of wire weaving.

Born in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Alexandru has an MFA in sculpture (Bucharest- Romania) and studied Jewelry design at FIT New York. Currently an independent artist living in New York, his sculptures have been exhibited nationally and internationally including The Clay Center for Arts and Science (Charleston WV), The Mint Museum of Craft + Design  (Charlotte NC), Les Atelieres Arsenal (Paris, France), and Biennale du Dessin Le Puget (Alzzone, France).

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