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Unsilencing Racism through Forum Theater

Thu, Mar 28 / 7 pm

TimeBanksNYC will lead a brief thematic exploration of the audience’s relationship to time based exchange. Then the Forum Project’s “Occupy the Stage” will perform the forum theater scene “Unsilencing Racism” to engage the audience in interactive dialogue around issues of economic and racial oppression. Audience members will be challenged to think, discuss and take action on stage.


About the speakers:

The Forum Project is a New York-based organization working through critical pedagogy, Theatre of the Oppressed and other creative methods to engage individuals and communities to deconstruct and dialogue about the oppressions we face and to develop creative tactics for liberation. We provide opportunities through which individuals and communities can explore and understand the world, their communities and their lives by providing workshops, performances, curriculum development and other custom services for your organization or community group.


Occupy the Stage is visiting communities and actions across New York City to engage people in dialogue about the issues of oppression addressed by Occupy. Our interactive Forum Theatre scenes spark lively conversation and deep critical analysis of the complex issues of debt, the racial wealth gap, immigration and oppression of domestic workers and more.


TimeBanksNYC is a free city-wide resource for connecting individuals and organizations that have agreed to exchange skills and services using time as currency. For every hour that TimeBanksNYC members provide a service or share a skill with another member, they earn a time credit for the exchange. This time credit can then be redeemed for a service from someone else, and so on. For more information visit nyc.gov/timebanksnyc.


In accordance with the Mayor of New York City’s Emergency Executive Order, all attendees are required to provide I.D. and proof of vaccination against Covid-19. Learn more about the Museum’s health and safety protocols.

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