Star Wars Uncut: Director’s Cut

Fri, Oct 16, 2015

Winner of a Creative Arts Emmy, Star Wars Uncut: Director’s Cut combines 473 fifteen-second segments created and submitted by a variety of participants from across the globe to create a shot-for-shot reconstruction of George Lucas’ seminal science fiction film Star Wars IV: A New Hope.  Creating a website in 2009, Casey Pugh allowed the public to select fifteen-second clips of Lucas’ classic to recreate in any style of their choosing.  The resulting segments range from hand drawn animation to live action to stop motion.  Each section of the film was then voted on via the website to determine the final clip used in the film.  The result is a complex fan-film weaving together of Pez dispensers, Legos, anime, live action, and more, into a cinematic work that reconstitutes a classic film through the creations of its legion of fans.  


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