Pigsty (Porcile)

Thu, Jul 29, 2010

1969, Dir. Pier Paolo Pasolini
with Pierre Clémenti, Franco Citti, and Jean-Pierre Léaud

Porcile (Pigsty) is not only an exquisitely revolting satire, it is also Pasolini’s most fascinating piece of cinema.” -Time Out Film Guide.

Seminal auteur Pier Paolo Pasolini weaves together two tales of forbidden flesh and unruly appetites into one of his most effectively biting critiques of modern society.

The story of a cannibal in a medieval wasteland is interwoven with that of the son of an ex-Nazi industrialist in modern-day Germany. The young German, who is more attracted to pigs than to his fiancée, and the cannibal, become sacrificial victims of their respective societies. This innovative, grotesque, and thought-provoking parable is filmed with a calm beauty and underlying disgust that serves to strengthen its attack on the shortcomings of the middle class in the 20th century. 

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