Love Tapes

(Q&A with Wendy Clarke and Michael Renov)

Sat, Feb 13, 2016

Love Tapes

(Wendy Clarke, 1977-2001, USA)
97 minutes, Digital Projection


A revelatory work of video art, Wendy Clarke’s Love Tapes were conceived as a participatory project, in which the artist recorded members of the public talking about their feelings towards love. Over 2,500 tapes were made across the world, illustrating the vast interpretations, variations, and memories prompted by the word “love”. Through this process, video operates both as an apparatus for intimacy and facilitator for self-examination. The breathtaking scope reveals a rare glimpse of humanity communing through shared experience. Released on PBS and other public television stations in the 1980s, the work is an unprecedented tool for global unification making it a milestone for the advancement of the medium.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with Director Wendy Clarke and Michael Renov, Vice Dean of Academic Affairs, University of Southern California Cinematic Arts.

Videos courtesy of Wendy Clarke.

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