L.A. Link + Other Works

Sat, Feb 27, 2016

L.A. Link + Other Works

(Wendy Clarke & Michael Renov, 1996, USA)
70 minutes, Digital Projection 

L.A. LINK (42mins)
“Teepee Video Space Troupe: Makeup Magic” (18mins)
“Keep the Memories” (10mins)

In L.A. Link, Clarke’s intimate video processes are reimagined for a digital audience. Working in 1996, at the dawn of the Internet age and the impending digital revolution, Clarke and Renov’s collaborative work answers several questions far ahead of its time: Can computer-mediated face-to-face encounters provide a useful or meaningful avenue for human interaction? Can people create collaboratively in such circumstances? Collapsing the binary between distance and intimacy, L.A. Link proposes digital communication as deeply personal, a proposal only realized by technology in the decades to come.

This program also contains “Keep the Memories” and a selection from “Makeup Magic” that serves as a cinematic link between Shirley and Wendy Clarke with some of their earliest, most candid collaborations.

L.A. Link and “Keep the Memories” videos courtesy of Wendy Clarke.
“Makeup Magic” courtesy of Milestone Films.

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