Italian for Beginners (Italiensk for begyndere)

Thu, Apr 23, 2015

Dir. Lone Scherfig
2000, 118 min
With Anders W. Berthelsen, Anette Støvelbæk, and Ann Eleonora Jørgensen

The Dogme 95 movement is most widely know for tackling serious and complex subject matters, however Lone Scherfig’s Italian for Beginners (Italiensk for begyndere) is an exception. This lighthearted, romantic comedy follows the tale of six single adults who cope with their stressful or unfulfilling lives by registering for an Italian language course in a Danish suburb. Where their instructor dies unexpectedly, the group decides to continue their courses anyway, and discovers a newfound approach to life and love. Winner of Jury Grand Prix Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival, Italian for Beginners (Italiensk for begyndere) went on to become a smash success and the most profitable Scandinavian film ever.

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