I Don’t Want My Pizza Burning: Comedy Came from the Internet (encore screening)

Fri, Sep 11, 2015

With readily accessible video cameras and digital editing platforms, the democratization of cinematic production and distribution has forever changed the way people across the globe create and consume moving images.  This effect has spanned the landscape of cinema, redefining its language and expectations. Nowhere has this been more fruitful than the plethora of comedy found online.

Pushing the boundaries of traditional comedy in form, often lasting between a few minutes and a few seconds, and subject, this new crop of comedies blazed a trail for the exploration of comedic possibilities outside of feature film, serialized television, or stand up special.

Stop by the Theater at MAD, and strap in, as this free screening brings together over thirty-five of the most daring and original comedy creations found online for your viewing pleasure.  With nonchalant Star Trek captains, children discovering ice, Prodigy music videos (sans music), cats on roombas in shark costumes, and “how to” videos, I Don’t Want My Pizza Burning: Comedy Came from the Internet brings today’s new comedy to you in all its strange and unknowable glory.


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