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FCKNLZ on Broadway

Sat, Nov 17 / 8 pm

In celebration of Club Kid Herstory Month, FCKNLZ presents "FCKNLZ on Broadway."  The collective will examine the legacy of ’90s club kids by re-creating their legendary appearances on TV talk shows such as Donahue and Geraldo. The adaptation will be part revivalist performance, part forward-facing analysis.   Be part of the live studio audience!  Come dressed as your favorite club kid or invent your own!  A panel of celebrity guest judges will award jaw-breaking prizes of all sizes to the evening's best dressed. 

$15 admission includes complimentary champagne and poppers.  Auditions and rehearsals throughout the month will be open to the public.

About the Artist

FCKNLZ, a beauty and lifestyle artist collective specializing in mistakes, will present a theatrical re-staging of club kid appearances on TV talk shows from the early 1990's.  Using original footage from shows such as Donahue, Geraldo, and Jenny Jones (“So what exactly is a clubkid?”) as their source material, FCKNLZ will rework the transcripts into a 30 minute performance, casting actors as the host, club kids, and some audience members.  Their new version will be filmed in front of a live audience at MAD, evoking the historical “golden age” of New York nightlife, while also examining how nightlife is portrayed in the media.

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