Doris Duke, Tastemaker of Her Time

Thu, Sep 20, 2012

Situated amidst five acres of interlocking terraced gardens and pools that overlook the Pacific Ocean and Honolulu’s Diamond Head, Shangri La was the idyllic home of philanthropist Doris Duke. Seamlessly integrating modern architecture, tropical landscape, and art from throughout the Islamic world, the property powerfully reflects Duke’s lifelong aesthetic passions.

Panelists will go beyond discussing Shangri La as an expression of Duke’s style and explore her other dimensions as a tastemaker and fashion icon, with emphasis on her distinctive clothing and jewelry, her other homes in Los Angeles and New York City, and her relationship with the decorator Tony Duquette.


Participants are Jeannine Falino, adjunct curator, the Museum of Arts and Design, and Wendy Goodman, design editor, New York Magazine.

Moderated by Donald Albrecht and Thomas Mellins, co-curators of the exhibition Doris Duke’s Shangri La: Architecture, Landscape, and Islamic Art.

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