Collective Creativity: Collaboration and Collectives in Feminist Art Practice

Sat, Feb 14 / 9 am

The Day of Panels will focus on collaborative working methodologies and how women’s collectives have been crucial to feminist art practice since the 1970s. As feminist practice continues to evolve, collaboration and collectivity continue to provide an alternative to the patriarchal ideal of individualism. This Day of Panels will explore both a communal approach to working in a variety of media and group support structures for women artists both historically and in present day.

Organized by The Feminist Art Project and the Panel Coordinators: Damali Abrams (Artist); Jenn Dierdorf (Artist, Co-Director of the Fellowship Program and Development, A.I.R. Gallery); and Kathleen Wentrack (Art Historian, The City University of New York, Queensborough C.C.); in partnership with the College Art Association.


Day of Panels events:

—Collaboration and Collectivity: The Past or Future of Feminist Exhibition MakingChair: Kalliopi Minoudaki (Independent Art Historian); Panelists: Doris Caçoilo (Director, gaia artist collective); Lauren Denitzio (Artist, For the Birds); Kate Wadkins (Writer/Curator; For the Birds); Dr. Maura Reilly (University of Sidney); Ridykeulous (Curatorial Collective)

Roundtable: A Community of M/E/A/N/I/N/GCo-Chairs: Susan Bee (Pratt Institute, University of Pennsylvania) and Mira Schor (Parsons, The New School); Panelists: Joyce Kozloff (Independent Artist); Sheila Pepe (Pratt Institute); Kara Rooney (Independent Artist); Alexandria Smith (Independent Artist).

—Gatecrashing: Feminist Collaboration and Institutional Intervention—Co-chairs: Kat Griefen (Institute for Women and Art, Rutgers University) and Meredith Brown (Metropolitan Museum of Art); Panelists: A. K. Burns (Artist and Educator); Lisa J. Watt (Tribal Museum Planners & Consultants); Jorge Daniel Veneciano, (El Museo del Barrio).

When the Personal Becomes Political: Creative Activism/Collective Intentions—Chair: Nina Felshin (Independent Curator/Writer/Activist); Panelists/Collectives: Prerana Reddy (Visible Collective and Queens Museum of Art); Mona Eldahry (Cofounder, Arab Women Active in the Arts and Media); and Dread Scott (Postcode Criminals).

—Power, Collaboration, and Lies—Chair: Kathryn Behar (Baruch College);

Panelists: Stephanie Rothenberg (University of Buffalo); Jeff Crouse (Odd Division/NEW INC, New Museum); Larisa Mann (New York University); Sydette Harry (Body Ecology Performance Ensemble); Liz Flyntz (Smack Mellon/Extracurricular). 

Call For Collaborators—Performance by J. R. Uretsky and Xander Marro (The Dirt Palace)

CollECtive NoW: Artists on the Collective Present—Roundtable—Chair: Dalida María Benfield (Vermont College of Fine Arts; Harvard University); Artist/Panelists: Salome Chasnoff (Chicago); Celia Herrera-Rodriguez (Oakland, CA); Jessica Resmond/MEI Collective (Marseille, France; San Francisco); Davida Ingram (Seattle); Beatriz Santiago-Muñoz (San Juan, Puerto Rico); Robert Sember/Ultra-Red (New York). 

Please review our health and safety protocols before you arrive. MAD strongly recommends all visitors six months and older are vaccinated against Covid-19 and visitors ages two and up wear face coverings, even if vaccinated. Thank you for your cooperation.

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