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2D/3D/4D: Contemporary Artist Animations

Wed, Nov 14, 2012

Exploring new possibilities in content, technique, and distribution, many of today’s pioneering artists continue to complicate and expand the possibilities and trajectories for animation.  From works developed for online viewing, self- generating 3D creations, new forms of archives, mash-ups, hand-drawn and computer-generated works, “2D/3D/4D: Contemporary Artist Animations” surveys some of today's emerging innovators of animated practices.

Works Presented Include

Walk for Walk
2005, dir. Amy Lockhart
11:00 min, digital projection

2010, Dir. Oliver Laric
09:00 min, digital projection

The External World
2010, Dir. David O'Reilly
17:00 min, digital projection

Alone With The Moon
2011, Dir. Peter Burr
13:26 min, digital projection

I Was A Teacher
2012, Dir. Brenna Murphy
04:16 min, digital projection

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