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Carolina Jiménez

2023 Artist Fellow

Brooklyn-based artist Carolina Jiménez creates “woven paintings,” a mode of image-making that examines the boundaries between fiber and painting. From afar, the shimmering materiality and bold geometry are reminiscent of color-field abstraction. Upon closer viewing, the aggregation of yarns held in tension and repose and the shifting colors of natural dyes reveal a methodology as deeply indebted to craft techniques as to the logic of abstract expressionism. In both contexts, honoring the material leads the way to the creation of form.

Jiménez’ central focus of work remains the body as a site for memory; her works function as traditional paintings as much as sites of labor and studies of historical technique. Influenced by her background in architecture, these woven paintings reflect a careful calibration of size and scale. They are monuments into which the past is woven, unraveled, and stretched.

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