Visit Uta Bekaia every Friday at MAD's Artist Studios.

Uta Bekaia creates multimedia performances and installations inhabited by wearable sculptures. His work explores his own historical cultural background, genetic codes, and cycles of the universe. He experiments with various mediums and has most recently been fascinated with his Georgian culture, namely the country’s carpet and tapestry tradition.

At MAD, Bekaia will work on an ongoing project entitled “Finding Paradise,” which explores mysteries of numerology and codes in language, such as South Caucasian Georgian. He will create, or reinvent, a sculptural costume inspired by tribal, sacred, ritualistic costumes of Caucasus. It will be presented as sculpture as well as performance and video.

Bekaia studied Industrial Design at Tbilisi Mtsire Academy and has worked on numerous theater and movie projects as a costume designer. He was born in Tbilisi, Georgia, and currently lives and works in New York. For more information please visit

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