Andrew Salomone is an artist, teacher, and freelance writer who makes work about the absurd ways in which ideas are spread through popular culture. His work often investigates the dynamic relationship between cultural traditions and new technologies through a combination of traditional art and craft processes and new media processes.

At MAD, visitors saw Salomone at work with a hacked knitting machine. The hack, which was developed by Salomone’s friends, allowed him to trick an electronic knitting machine from the 1980s into accepting a digital file from his laptop, rather than the external floppy drive the machine originally came with, so that he could knit digital images of his own design.

Salomone received an MFA from the National University of Ireland and has lectured on Internet art practice at Parsons School of Design. A former editor for the Craft magazine blog, he currently contributes to various arts and culture publications. For more information please visit his website: www.andrewsalomone.com.


Current Studio Artists

Mariana Garibay Raeke, Mixed Media Sculpture, Tuesday

Tai Hwa Goh, Printmaking, Design, Installation, Wednesday

Kathleen McDermott, Multimedia Performance, Technology Design, Thursday

Rachel Frank, Mixed Media Sculpture, Performance, Friday

Heidi Lau, Ceramic Sculpture, Paper Sculpture, Saturday

Christa Pratt, Painting, Mixed Media, Sunday

Ilana Harris-Babou, Performance, Mixed Media Installation, Tuesday–Saturday