The Museum of Arts and Design has a long-standing history of supporting undergraduate and graduate internships that provide meaningful, engaging and project-based opportunities. Internship positions are available in several departments and allow participants to gain invaluable work experience at a non-profit visual arts organization as they prepare to continue their studies, pursue careers in the arts or apply their experience to other fields.

General Requirements

Applicant must attend an institution of learning with courses leading to a degree, certificate or diploma. Applicant is eligible during periods when school is not in session only under the following conditions: they were students the previous semester, they have not yet graduated or completed program requirements, or they have graduated, but are starting a new academic program within six months. Applicant must be a US citizen or completing residence requirements for a degree.

Internship Sessions

SUMMER: Start date beginning of June

FALL: Start date mid to late September

WINTER: Start date late January


Interpretive Programs

Interpretive Programs at MAD are designed to foster visitor engagement through experiential programming and activation of exhibition spaces that promote learning museum-wide. Interpretive projects include working with the docent program helping them prepare to give tours, developing Thursday night 'experiential' programming for drop-in audiences, and working with MAD's interactive Artist Studios.  Interpretive programs have a strong visitor-centered objective and aim to respond to visitors' expectations, needs and behaviors.

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Interpretive Programs Interns report to the Manager of Interpretation in the Education Department.  Interns will:

  • Conduct research related to exhibitions and help to translate artist and contextual information into usable resources for gallery guides such as docents and guards
  • Help coordinate materials needed for artist selection from application materials to committee review materials
  • Coordinate and prepare drafts of drop-in program ideas generated by artist educators; Contribute ideas for experiential programs
  • Gather analytical information about visitor experience, behavior and engagement in exhibitions such as observations and surveys
  • Review interpretative materials and provide feedback; research interpretive tools at other institutions
  • Participate in training opportunities to deepen knowledge and understanding of museum education, including: docent and educator training sessions, doing gallery worksheets and conducting program observations
  • Assist with administrative responsibilities associated with interpretative programs

To apply for this internship please send a cover letter, writing sample and resume to carli.beseau@madmuseum.org with "Interpretive Programs Intern" in the subject line.  Your cover letter should outline your specific interest in this internship, along with your qualifications and skills that you believe make you a strong candidate for this opportunity. Your writing sample should be no longer than five pages and be representative of your skills as a researcher, communicator and translator of ideas into concise, meaningful content.